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Wind Certifications

The South Carolina Omnibus Coastal Property Insurance Act of 2007 was created to ensure that homeowner’s insurance would be available and affordable for properties in coastal areas. The law made tax deductions, tax credits, grants, discounts and rebates that give homeowners incentive to fortify their homes against the high winds that accompany coastal storms.

An ACE Wind Certification is the first step in saving you money. Your certified home inspector is specially trained to identify and document the hurricane resistant construction features in your house. Based on the findings insurance discounts and premium rebates retroactive to January 1, 2008 may be available. The provided report may assist in the planning of future wind fortification improvements and determining eligibility for a $5000 matching grant from the state.

Your ACE Wind Certification report also includes information necessary to claim the tax deductions and tax credits that are a part of the program.

A Wind Certification costs $150. The certification usually pays for itself in less than a year. We have appointments available 7 days a week. Call or book online NOW!